David Snydacker  |  Principal

David Snydacker is a materials scientist, a chemist, and an expert in battery technology. He works with investors, startups, and research labs to evaluate new battery technologies and design holistic R&D strategies. David has authored technical papers on batteries spanning anodes, cathodes, cell degradation, and raw materials. At Northwestern University, David led seminars on battery technology covering materials engineering, vehicle electrification, and grid storage.


2010 – 2016

Northwestern University – Materials Science & Engineering – Ph.D.
2011 Hierarchical Materials Fellow; 2012 ISEN Sustainability and Energy Fellow

2005 – 2009

Wesleyan University – Chemistry – B.A.
High Honors in Chemistry


2016 – PRESENT

Lilac Solutions ­­– CEO

  • Lithium extraction from abundant brine resources with unique ion exchange technology

2010 – 2016

Wolverton Research Group­­ – Ph.D. Researcher

  • Modeled lithium battery materials and electrochemistry
  • Researched cathode materials including layered, olivine, and spinel
  • Researched anode materials including lithium metal, silicon, tin, and aluminum
  • Researched cell degradation including electrochemical reactivity, metal dissolution, and gas evolution
  • Filed patents on new materials for solid-state batteries and on new lithium extraction technology
  • Built partnerships to test new materials

2011 ­­– 2015

Northwestern Energy & Sustainability Consortium ­­– Co-Founder and Co-Director

  • Built team of students from science, engineering, business, and liberal arts
  • Led technology seminars on energy storage, electric vehicles, transportation, and advanced fuels